We are pleased to announce the launch today of our new telemedicine service: 5LINX TeleMed and TeleMed Family +
These new services offer the ability to talk to a real doctor 24/7/365 with NO CO-PAY. Plus, savings up to 75% on more than 50,000 prescription medications at over 62,000 pharmacies!
You may begin offering these services immediately via your 5LINX Personal Web Site:

  • 5LINX TeleMed is an individual plan for $19.95/mo that pays $4 CV and 1 point
  • 5LINX TeleMed Family + covers your whole household for $34.95 and pays $9 CV and 2 points

However, for the first 30 days ONLY you will earn an additional customer point on both services!
PLUS… to help you launch this new service with maximum success, we are offering 50% off the first month, with NO setup fee! But hurry, this is a limited-time offer, so sign up through your Personal Web Site today.

ALSO, We’re continuing our Compensation Plan training series with a brand-new video, all about Earned Position Bonuses. 5LINX team member Kristina takes you through these bonuses and breaks them down so that they are easy to understand. Watch this video to either refresh your memory, or to learn about these lucrative bonuses. Don’t forget to SHARE it with your team!