Atlantic City Attendance Promotion! 8/14/19-8/23/19

Purchase an Atlantic City National event ticket by 8/23/19 and receive FIVE(5) Attendance points upon attending the event AND a chance to win special prizes!

  • The FIVE (5) attendance points will be applied on 10/13/19 and will last until 12/31/19.
  • You must be in attendance at the Atlantic City event anytime from 10/9/19-10/12/19 to receive the attendance points.
  • Only the 1st ticket purchased will award attendance points.
  • These attendance points will count towards organizational residual points.
  • Reps that have already purchased their ticket prior to 8/14/19 are automatically eligible.
  • Special prizes including a 4 Night Hotel Stay @ The Sheraton Convention Center during event,  FREE 2020 All Access Pass, FREE OXZGEN Product & many more will be drawn once this promotion expires and only those that have purchased a ticket will be eligible to win.

Extra Point on all Chroma Credit Restoration Orders! 8/1/19-8/31/19

Receive 1 extra point on all Chroma Credit Restoration orders during this time!

  • Extra point applies to new orders only.

Extra Point on all OXZGEN Daily Nutritional Sprays! 8/1/19-8/31/19

Receive 1 extra point on all new Daily Nutritional Sprays ordered between 8/1/19 to 8/31/19

  • Does not apply to subscription orders.
  • Includes:
    • Daily Nutritional Energy Boost Spray
    • Daily Nutritional Sleep Support Spray
    • Daily Nutritional Weight Loss Spray
    • Daily Nutritional Pain Relief Spray

Extra Point on Select MontaVida Coffee Orders! 8/1/19-8/31/19

Receive 1 extra point on the following new MontaVida flavors and products ordered between 8/1/19 – 8/31/19

  • Includes:
    • MontaVida Decaf 16oz Bag
    • MontaVida French Vanilla Decaf 16oz Bag
    • MontaVida Hazelnut Crème Decaf 16oz Bag
    • MontaVida Decaf 30 ct Brew Cups
    • MontaVida European Dark Roast 30 ct Brew Cups
    • MontaVida French Vanilla Decaf 30 ct Brew Cups
    • MontaVida Hazelnut Crème Decaf 30 ct Brew Cups
    • MontaVida Hazelnut Crème 30 ct Brew Cups
    • MontaVida Ethiopian Sidamo 30 ct Brew Cups
    • MontaVida Wild Burundi 30 ct Brew Cups
  • While supplies last!
  • Does not apply to subscription orders.

Reduced Point Requirements! As of 7/8/19

Achieve the below positions with these exciting organizational point reductions!

SVP- 1500 Points NOW 1200 points until Atlantic City (Oct 2019)
BSVP- 3000 Points NOW 2500 points until 12/31/2019
SSVP- 4500 Points NOW 4000 points until 12/31/2019
GSVP- 6000 Points NOW 5500 points until12/31/2019

  • You have 12 months from the date you achieve the promo before you need to meet the standard comp plan requirements.

Summer Magic! 6/1/19-8/31/19

Receive Increasing Enhanced Open Line Bonuses when qualifying for at least 1(one) each month this Summer!

  • First OL Bonus you hit this summer = 150% of the regular OL Bonus
  • Second OL Bonus you hit this summer in a different month = 200% the regular OL Bonus
  • Third OL Bonus you hit this summer in a different month = 250% of the regular OL Bonus
  • Only 1(one) enhanced OL Bonus/rep per month but will payout on the highest OL Bonus achieved for that month.
  • ALL OL Bonus levels are eligible for the 150%/200%/250% payouts!
  • The same OL Bonus doesn’t have to be met each month to receive the enhanced payout. ANY OL Bonus each month qualifies for the enhanced payout.
  • Achieving the full 250% would require an OL Bonus based on June, July & August Production months.
  • The standard OL Bonus will be paid as normal, but the additional 50%, 100% & 150% promotional amounts will disburse 1 month after the standard OL Bonus to ensure the highest position achieved is awarded.
Sign up for TeeVee & Get a FREE TeeVee Box! 8/1/19-8/31/19
  • You will receive a call on the next business to verify your mailing address.
  • Customers on trials are eligible for a FREE box once their trial has activated as a paid service.
  • One box per customer.
  • No points or CV assigned to TeeVee boxes.
  • You will need a Google Play account to update apps (no card needed on file to do this)
  • Please make sure you update your new TeeVee box to the current APP version: 1.0.3j.1

Please use the following links to help you set up your TeeVee box when it arrives:

Upgrade IMR Enrollment! 8/1/19-8/31/19

Any $249 Enrollment signed in August 2019 can now UPGRADE to receive the $499 Belief Bundle products by paying $250!

  • Rep pays just $250 and will receive the following:
    • 500mg Tincture w/dropper
    • 1000mg Tincture w/dropper
    • Therapeutic Rub (QTY 3)
    • 5 PDQ Topical Pain Relief Sprays Trial Size
    • 5 Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream Sachets Trial Size
    • 5 Rescue Moisturizing Cream Sachets Trial Size
    • Rapid Anti-Aging Serum 15ml
    • 5-Pack Performance Blast Caps
    • 20 Marketing Brochures

Earn 17 points and receive a $25 CV.

To upgrade please call rep services at 585-359-2922.

Products are subject to change, so please check prior to calling in to upgrade.

5LINX Security & Protect America: 2 points & $300 bonus! 8/1/19-8/31/19

Receive 2 points and take home $300 for every Home Security customer!


  • All credit approved packages submitted on 8/1/19-8/31/19 will receive a $300 bounty payout when a monitoring service is added. (Excludes $19.99 offer) 2 total points will be given for each order.
  • Must be installed within fourteen (14) days from the date the security system is shipped.
  • $50 application fee & shipping cost is no longer required from the customer!
  • Restrictions apply. Some Commercial and Business offers may not qualify for promotional offer.
  • Payout is based on contract signed date and NOT submission date.
  • Bounties will be provided for approved, signed and installed contracts that include monitoring.
  • Copper Broadband & Copper Cellular qualify for points and bounty.
  • Copper Landline – “$19.99” Monitoring & DCS Sales (FICO credit score less than 625) will not receive the $300 Bounty or bonus points.
  • Orders must be placed from designated 5LINX toll free number and have proper RIN number for points and bounty payment.
  • Standard thirty-six month monitoring agreement required with approved credit.
  • Must be a U.S. resident. Applicable taxes and fees not included. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Customer must install and activate security system within 14 days of shipment. Offer subject to change. Not available to existing Protect America customers. Other restrictions apply. Promotional offers only available to customers who qualify based on credit worthiness. Customers who do not qualify will not receive promotional offers and may be required to pay an additional connection fee. A $300 commission will be paid for each credit qualifying sale. Offer valid 8/1/19-8/31/19 5LINX Home Security is not a home security company. 5Linx Home Security is an authorized Independent Referral Agent of Protect America, Inc. Point distribution and tracking are the responsibility of 5Linx. Service provided in all 50 states. Void where prohibited. Protect America, Inc, 3800 Quick Hill Road, Building 1-100, Austin, TX 78728. 1-800-951-5111. Licenses: AL: 12-027; AR: E 2001-0538; AZ: ROC114856 (L-67), ROC114855 (C-12); CA: ACO 4115; DE: 06-204; FL: EG13000437; GA: LVA205875; IA: AC-0081; IL: 127-001092; LA: F492; MD: 107-1657; MI: 8714 Huckleberry Lane, Lansing MI. 48917. Lic #3601202409; Licensed by the Alarm Systems Licensing Board of the State of North Carolina NC: 635-CSA; NJ: Burglar alarm and fire alarm bus. Lic. #34BF00023700; NM: 60519; PA: PA023169; SC: BAC 5432, FAC 3104; TN: 00000265; TX: B16272, ACR-1204; UT: 345548-6501; VA: 11-3129; WA: PROTEAI962LD; WV: WV032962;MS: 15005347; OK: 739

Ongoing Promotions

5LINX Free-for-All!

  • All newly expired & expired reps can have the $99.00 annual fee waived and reactivate their position for FREE with any product/service purchase.
  • The purchase of this product or service will extend their representative membership active for 30 days.
  • As long as the representative continues to make a purchase of any product or service every month their account will continue to remain active and be extended for an additional 30 days making it so the representative will not have to pay the $99.00 annual fee
  • This promo excludes the purchase of Protect America and Internet

NEW XOOM Free Energy Program! (EFFECTIVE 10/1/18)

Energize Your Earnings and receive FREE* energy for your home every month with XOOM Energy– simply acquire & maintain 10 electricity or natural gas customers and you’ll receive a monthly rebate on your XOOM Energy residential service. *Free Energy rebate will be based on the average monthly XOOM Energy charges for all qualifying customers and excludes taxes, transmission charges and other fees.

Fuel Your Finances and receive a residual bounty each month when you acquire & maintain 12 electricity or natural gas customers. This program is for individuals who are not in a XOOM Energy service area. *Residual bounty will be based on the average monthly XOOM Energy charges for all qualifying customers and excludes taxes, transmission charges and other fees.

To be eligible for these programs, you must register at:


The XOOM Free Energy (Energize Your Earnings & Fuel Your Finances) promotional program is an incentive to provide all XOOM Energy Certified Representatives the ability to enroll and participate to earn a credit, for the energy portion of their bill, or monthly residual bounty based on qualified referral efforts.

In order for a referring customer to earn Free Energy, they must be a customer themselves and have 10 qualified referrals associated with their account in good standing via the XOOM Energy Free Energy program. Rewards for the energy credit that a referring customer can receive are based on the average usage of the 10 qualified referrals the referring customer acquires, not to exceed their own energy costs.

Referring Customer Qualifications: Must be “Active” and in “Good Standing” with XOOM Energy (CUST/ACTIVE Statuses). Customers are deemed to be in good standing if (i) their XOOM Energy account is active, (ii) they are not delinquent in any payments due, and (iii) they are not otherwise in default under the Terms of Service Agreement. Please note that a customer who is pending a cancellation with XOOM is not deemed an “active” customer, although they may continue to be billed for XOOM services received while their cancellation is pending with their local utility. Referring customers must be a XOOM Energy residential customer for each qualifying service and have billed at least one time (Referring Customers that signed up with XOOM prior to the start date will be grandfathered in) Referring customer must be the named account holder for each account they are receiving free energy credit. The free energy credit is not transferrable. Free energy will be earned each month whereby the referring customer remains a XOOM Energy customer in Good Standing AND has 10 qualifying accounts. Electricity and Natural Gas will be treated as separate services. To get a gas credit, referring customer will need to maintain a minimum of 10 qualified gas customers. To get an electricity credit, referring customer will need to maintain a minimum of 10 qualified electricity customers Any month in which the referring customer fails to maintain at least 10 qualifying accounts, no Free Energy will be earned for that month If the customer regains 10 qualifying accounts in a subsequent month, the agent will once again earn Free Energy.

Customer Qualifications: Referrals cannot have been a XOOM Energy customer in the past 6 months.

5 FREE Pioneer Kit IMR Enrollment Codes! For every Pioneer Kit purchased you will receive 5 FREE IMR Enrollment promo codes!


  • The FREE IMR promo code will give you the initial $249 enrollment fee for FREE. Anything selected for purchase in addition during sign up will have to be paid for.
  • The FREE rep will NOT count towards an Open line Bonus.
  • The FREE rep will NOT pay out a CAB.
  • The FREE rep will count towards position qualifications.
  • The FREE rep is eligible for their 30 day QuickStart bonus, but will NOT count towards a paid reps Existing QuickStart Bonus.
  • The FREE rep will NOT count towards the ND/SVP alternative qualifications promotion.
  • The FREE IMR will not receive a $100 off 50 Days of Blaze promotional code.
  • Only 1 FREE IMR promo code can be used towards any QuickStart Bonus.
  • The FREE IMR promo code will be valid for 1 full year before expiring.
  • The FREE IMR promo codes must be redeemed via your VO.


FREE with 10 on TeeVee!

Acquire 10 direct Teevee orders and receive FREE service! All 10 orders must be placed under the same RIN# to qualify. All orders must be in good standings(ACTIVE) and billing each month to qualify towards the FREE service. Everyone is eligible for FREE with 10. Here are the specifics of the Free with 10 program:

You order the Gold package and sign up 10 other Gold packages under you = FREE Gold service to You You order the Platinum package and sign up 10 other Platinum packages under you = FREE Platinum service to You You order the Gold package and sign any combination of 10 Gold and Platinum packages under you = FREE Gold service to You You order the Platinum package and sign any combination of 10 Gold and Platinum packages under you = $49.99 credit to You.