Congratulations on launching your new business !

We are excited to welcome you to the team, and want you to know that we are 100% committed to your success.

The first thing we want to share with you is your E.P.I.C. Representative ID# (RIN). This is the unique number that tracks all of your sales and commissions back to you.

Your E.P.I.C. RIN is:

You are now able to offer all of our great E.P.I.C. products and services simply by referring customers to any of our sales web sites and adding your RIN to the end of the web address (URL), like this:


Your RIN also allows you to login to your Virtual Office (VO) at Here you’ll find all the reports you need to manage your business. Simply login with your RIN () and the last four digits of your phone number (that you used when enrolling).

Here are 3 quick tips to help get you off on the right foot:

, this business has been designed to be simple and profitable. You are now in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself. If you need any assistance or support, we are just a phone call or email away.

Schedule your Welcome Call appointment NOW to receive a 1-on-1 guided tour of all things E.P.I.C. If you complete this in your first 10 days you will even receive a FREE POINT, which counts towards earning your Quick Start Bonus!

Here’s to your success!

E.P.I.C. Representative Services
[email protected]

P.S. We have also mailed this information to you for your convenience. We recommend you print this page, or the email and keep it in a safe place for reference.