Our customers are so excited about OXZGEN! People are already seeing lasting results after just a short time of using our products. But did you know that you have the ability to maximize these results by adjusting your serving?

Although there are clear instructions on the bottle, we recognize that every person is unique. So, we’ve created two helpful graphics that will walk you through your OXZGEN journey, to help you find the perfect serving. These guides will allow you to experiment and find the right balance over a three-week timeframe, allowing for maximum results. Remember, the correct serving for you might differ from someone else’s.

The serving guides below are specifically designed for our OXZGEN sprays and tinctures. You’ll notice on the diagrams that we recommend starting out slow and increasing your serving size over time. If you aren’t noticing the effects of our products right away, don’t give up! Keep following the guides and you’ll reach your perfect serving.

Following these helpful guides will ensure that you are getting the desired results from our ground-breaking OXZGEN products.


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